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A Travel Blog for the Free Spirit:

Whether you are going on Vacation with the family, friends or just romancing your significant other make it a trip you will never forget!  There are some things to always keep in mind!

*Always do your research on the place you go. 

*Confirm your reservations for hotel and tours that you have and make any special requests before you leave. 

*It is always best to try and know your surroundings before you arrive. 

If you do this before you go you will have a great trip because it’s all up to you on how your trip goes! Follow me through my eyes and I will try and make you feel the experience that I felt.

Happy Traveling!

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I am a travel enthusiasts! I love to explore this world, see new things and learn about different cultures! Travel along with me some of my ventures, Ask me questions and Read my reviews. Happy Traveling!

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