What a Historical and Amazing Vacation!

We took the kids to Cancun for Christmas.  It turned out to a whole family vacation with 17 of us.  We stayed at Grand Oasis Palms.  This resort was a great family resort with some many activities and games for the kids to play!  With staying with any of the Oasis resorts they also give you day passes to go and check out the other resorts.  You can spend the whole day over there eating, playing and having drinks.  So we took advantage of that and went to the Oasis Pyramid.  The amazing views and breathtaking beaches this resort has was great! 

On this trip we went on a few tours: #1 Snorkeling in the coral reefs so the kids could see the beauty of the fish and coral.  We even see a couple of statues.  #2 We went to Extreme Adventures and went Zip Lining, ATV’s and swam in a Cenote.  The tour guides we so fun and were all about safety so that was good and it was a great day out!  #3 To finish off our tours we had to do history so we took the kids on the day tour to Chichen Itza.  We started off going to a Old Spanish city which was so cultural and mesmerizing.  Then it was off to a local city that we had lunch at with some fun entertainment.  After lunch we headed to One of the Wonders of the Worlds Chichen Itza!  The tour guide explained everything so well and the kids were all into it surprisingly.  We tour around and learned a lot.  For the final destination we stopped at a beautiful cenote and let the kids swim.  They had so much fun!  This will be a rip they will never forget.  Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Traveling!