Happy New Years From Vegas!

This time when we took a trip we actually rented a 3 Bedroom Apt. not too far off the Strip and Wow did it have a amazing view of the Fireworks on the strip.  So if you ever get out to Vegas on New Years Stay off the Strip with a higher apartment or room.  You will be pleased! 

While we were there this time (since I have been there a few times already) we decided to do roadside attractions.  On our way road Tripping these are the stops that we made: #1 Seven Magic Mountains.  The crazy, weird and odd but yet stunning sight off these rocks are one to put on the radar when coming here. #2 Rhyolite, NV the gate to Death Valley there is a ghost town that used to flourish back in the day but no one lives in the town and some of the old building are still there.  There is also a creative and awing Open Air Museum.  It was a little ride out there but if you have the time you should get out and see! #3 The Skywalk at Eagle Point.  It is crazy how that is the perfect shape in the canyons of a eagle! 

It just proves there is such beauty to see in the world you can’t pass it up!  #4 When going to Las Vegas during Christmas you get a bonus of see everything all decorated for the Holidays and Festivities.  Happy Traveling!