Vegas Baby!!!

Our trip was a friends trip to celebrate our wedding there and have memorable times with friends.  We stayed at Tahiti Village.  This was a 5 star resort like they say it is.  The pool is great with a bonus of the lazy river.  Anything we needed they had someone to help us out!  They also offer shuttle service to the Big Strip every hour coming and going.  They have certain pick up locations that you meet them in.  This is the way you should be treated at a resort!

Our first tour we went on was the Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.  We took the Dune buggy’s out to the desert and we race around down the trails the bring you on and it was a blast!  Halfway through they stop for lunch and you get to look around at the breathtaking views of the desert canyons.  All I have to say is if you are ready to have fun, maybe eat a like dirt and be a little sore the next day bring your game and have a blast!

Our second tour we did was kayaking down the Colorado River.  This tour was through Blazin’ Paddles.  The guides we had we so fun and educational on the sights we see down the river.  They start you off in you kayak with a water sprayer (just to have a little bit of fun with friends) On the way down and back you get to see desert animals, scenic views and a bioluminescent cave.  This was a very peaceful and fun trip I will never forget!

So pack you bags and get out to Vegas for all the sights to see but don’t for get to book a tour or two and watch out for Elvis!