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Mystic Mountain Jamaica

The View from the Top
Beautiful Statues
Statues all Over
Another one for you!
Breathtaking Scenery
The Holder is even cute
The Stream

Amazing Adventure!

Sometimes you just need to venture out on your own. We rented a car for this trip and went just about anywhere the wind took us. We stayed in Negril. We wanted to go to Mystic Mountain our own and not book a tour for it. We love getting to see what the countryside has to offer. It worked out so perfect! It was such a thrilling day from the Ski Lift ride up the mountain to the Bob Sled ride going down! If you ever in Jamaica this a must do for all the adventures out there! Happy Traveling!

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I am a travel enthusiasts! I love to explore this world, see new things and learn about different cultures! Travel along with me some of my ventures, Ask me questions and Read my reviews. Happy Traveling!

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