About to Zip-Line
Husband about to Repel
Going through the Cave
Kissing Opportunity
Coming through Small Areas
Making our way through
Cave Exploring in Puerto Rico

What a great start to our journey!

Our Puerto Rico trip was our first trip out of the Country. To say that this was the best beginning….. is a understatement . We didn’t know anything about traveling yet but something inside of me was ready to come out. I booked our Interior tours trip online. We confirmed with them and even set a location point with them when we arrive in Puerto Rico. We had a rental car for our trip so we drove ourselves to the tour. From our Hotel point to the tour point it was about a 2hr. drive. Our GPS managed to get us pretty much most of the way there not to far away where we found the rest of the way on our own. When we arrived at the meeting location we waited for everyone to show up and then we all followed them in our cars to the caves.

In the caves we went in and out of different caverns with so many beautiful rock formations. We did have to jump in and out of water the whole way, some was shallow and some got a little deep. There were bats, spiders and Scorpions OH MY!!! They don’t bother you but they are all around. Just don’t think of the bat guano that is in the water. Going around the jungle we did get to Zip-Line once, which was fun and Repelled down the side of the cliff. After that we jumped off the cliff into a cave pool. All in All it was a great day! The tour lasted about 8-9hrs. We even witnessed a couple get engaged in the cave.

This was the trip that set off that spark in me for the love of travel! Happy Traveling!