The Gateway To Martha’s Vineyard

Nobska Lighthouse
Nobska Lighthouse
SSA Boat going to the Vineyard
Take a Seat a take in the View
Monument by Wharf
Inspiration by the water!
A Whale’s Tale!
Fisherman’s Dream!

If your have ever been to Martha’s Vineyard you know there is only two ways to get there. By Air or by Sea! If you take the By Sea way you have to go to Woods Hole to take the ferry over. The Steamship is the way to go! Before you get on the boat…take some time to explore. It is a small yet very friendly town. There are plenty of things to see. You can visit the seals at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Aquarium, Grab lunch and sit by the ocean and take in the scenic view or have a bite at Pie in the Sky! During the winter months it is quiet with mostly fisherman and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute workers. During the rest of the year it is all hustle and bustle with of all the travelers going to and from the Vineyard. It is very picturesque and quaint. Happy Traveling!