Altos De Chavon
Macao Beach
Altos De Chavon

Our Trip

We had such a fantastic time in the Dominican Republic. We stayed at Natura Park Resort & Spa in Punta Cana. The beauty of the small but relaxing resort was very comforting. They had such exotic animals that would walk around the resort. You would come out of your room going to the lobby and would see at least 10-15 different species of animals all around you! The resort had all kinds of activities all day lang that you could join in. The shows at night we amazingly good! Especially the Michael Jackson Tribute show! The only thing negative but positive I guess was we must of went at the wrong time of the year because the seaweed that was coming into shore was incredible. There was so much of it they were taking it away in bulldozers . There were some crazy people swimming around it at our beach but there was no way you were getting me in there! They said it was the season for it since the resort is part of the lagoon.

While we were there we did a few tours! The first one we went on was a Catamaran to Altos De Chavon. The tour was a full day adventure and memories! The Catamaran that we went on was really fun and the tour guides keep you entertained the whole way! Our group was partying and dancing all the way! Once you get to Altos De Chavon it just take every word out of your month its so impressive! The whole day was worth every minute of it!

The second tour we did was ATV’s in Punta Cana… This was a great tour….even tho a couple people in our group were sick from the Pineapple drinks when were were on Macao Island. The tour guides had us going everywhere from the jungles to the beaches….Just make sure you keep up!

All in All it was so nice making new memories with great friends and a awesome spot (Dominican) to do it in! Just make sure you do your research on the seasonal information at your resort when seaweed tides are in and you will have a amazing time! Happy Traveling!