Grand Canyon

Eagle in the Canyon
A Day of Adventure

While we were staying in Las Vegas over New years we decided to take a trip out the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The drive alone from Las Vegas to the Location is Jaw Dropping. Once you get out there they shuttle you to different locations by bus. At each location there is stuff to see and things to eat. The way that they present everything is spectacular! You do have to wait in line which the day we went it was about 1-2 hours. Along the line while we waited they had performances, structures and historical things to learn about. Once you do get on the skywalk the view is just amazing. The Eagle in the canyon is beautiful and mind boggling to know how it was created. Take advantage at the photographers they take great pics and they are not that expensive. On they way out grab a souvenir at the gift shop and go to all the locations by shuttle because the whole place is an experience. Just be careful where you step because it can get dangerous close to the edge!!!!! Happy Traveling!