Cape Cod, Mass

Sandwich Boardwalk
Love the Beach
Boardwalk to Serenity
The Marsh at the Boardwalk
The Jetties at the Beach
The Stairway to the Beautiful Beach

Take a Day Walking at the Beach

If you ever find yourself on the Cape there are some many beautiful places to see. There is a boardwalk in Sandwich, Ma that you can walk at…. and the world just seems to melt away when you arrive. Just the peacefulness of the birds chirping, waves crashing at the beach and the whole landscape of the marshes makes you want to stay all day, turn you phone off and let everyone figure it out without you! Whether you walk down the boardwalk which is only about a 10 minute walk or lay on the beach enjoy every minute of it and then rewind and repeat on the next adventure.

Happy Traveling!