The Towers at Amrita Island
The Cranes watch over the island
Crane Flying
What Beautiful Birds
Breathtaking Scenery

“Love is Eternal”

To have someone love you so much to build this spectacular estate is a beautiful love story. A gentleman named Thomas Braxendale purchased this land for a summer estate for his wife Ester. There they would enjoy the scenic views and summer nights together. They also had a love for animal welfare and would ofter have lectures there with Harvard Scholars and Professors. After both of their deaths, they left if to Harvard University. Shortly after that the University gave the land the Animal Rescue League of Boston as the Baxendales were always gave great donations to the organization. Years later the land would actually become a Camp for children where they would come every summer from the city and have a space where they could feel like a kid. When that did close it was became residential houses. At the tip of the island at the house the Braxendales owned there is a mausoleum with the words “Love is Eternal” above the door. So if your ever in the Cataumet area of Cape Cod take a drive and look at this medieval castle like scenery and you will be mesmerized. Just know that these are peoples private houses and the mausoleum is on private land so do not go there without asking. Happy Traveling!