I learned a few years ago……I am happier when I travel. We used to not even think about traveling and made many excuses to not travel….We don’t have the money, I don’t want to be gone away from home for too long or who’s going to take care of the dogs or kids? We really did not know what we we’re really missing. Ever since we did start taking trips, seeing the world, learning other cultures and meeting new people my world has changed. Now I try and make every excuse why we need to travel. I need a new story, we haven’t been to that place or there is something special in this destination we have to go! I just want to put my toes in the sand all around the world, taste all kinds of different foods and explore all the fun things places have to offer. To just be on vacation and not have to worry about time is the greatest feeling. When we go on trips one of the most memorable and relaxing activities is just to be in the lobby hanging out with other guests learning where they are from and what brings them on vacation. It’s great to meet new people and learn their stories.

So get out and stop making excuses not to go on that trip! There is nothing holding you back but yourself. Save the money anyway you can, Work a little extra, Plan your trip and Enjoy Life. Once you do you will get the travel fever! Don’t let life get away from you. Don’t you want to be able to say “Remember when we visited Mexico, that is the souvenir I got where we went to the Caribbean or I love that picture of us when we Zip Lined through the jungle of Puerto Rico! I love every trip that I take with my Husband or the whole Family! Money is only enjoyed when you are alive…you cannot take it when your gone…Live like there is No Tomorrow!

Happy Traveling!