The Entrance
The Lion of Spohr’s Garden
The Wheels
The Bell of the Garden
Beautiful Blooming Bush
Pick Flowers in Bloom
Turtle Enjoying the Sun
Lot of Wildlife
Anchors by the Sea
Anchors on the Shore
The Resting Anchor
The Turtle Hangout

Serenity by the Sea

When people go to Cape Cod all everyone ever talks about is all the beautiful beaches. People tend to forget about the little destinations that make the local places and tells the stories and history about the town. This is one of those locations. Take in all the flowers, nature, nautical items and the animals around. Walk down the all trails for different things to see, smell and touch. There are plenty of trails to get lost in and the time will melt away. Bring a lunch and relax! Sit by the water and see the ducks, turtles and sea life. It is free to visit but they do have a donation box to help with the maintenance of the property. So take time to yourself or take a special someone, go out and get some fresh air! You will appreciate some of the Zen for the day! Happy Traveling!