Cape Cod Hedges
Buzzards Bay The Entry to the Cape
Bourne Bridge
Canal Cruises
Sagamore Bridge
Sailing the Canal
Train Bridge

Your Passport to the Cape

I am just a Cape girl from the beginning. I was born on here and when I was a little girl my family moved away. I grew up in Minnesota and I was never used to the ocean everywhere I went. A Little over 20 years ago I made a major change and moved from Minnesota back to the Cape. I think that was the best life changing decision I have made. When I first moved out to this beautiful location I thought to myself “This is where the rich people play”. While it still is, it is also more than that. To get to the Cape you have to go over 1 of the 3 bridges to get here. The Bourne Bridge or Sagamore Bridge if traveling by Car. If you take the Cape Flyer you will be coming over the Train Bridge. This bridge goes down when a train crosses and stay up in the air all other times. The Cape Flyer only runs in the summer. Once you get to the cape all the possibilities are endless. The Breathtaking Beaches, National Seashore, Provincetown, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard.

For someone that has lived here for over 20 Years now I still haven’t seen everything. I do though have to say for a Cape Codder I have loved raising my children in this environment. They have see stuff that I was never raised around and the grew up around the sea. I don’t think they could imagine life any different. It is a great place to raise a family. So wether you are coming for Vacation or coming to Stay! Enjoy everything that Cape Cod has to offer you and don’t forget to try a Lobstah Roll! Happy Traveling!