Hyannis Harbor
Hyannis Hy-Line
Hyannis Marina
Cape Cod Duckmobiles
Hyannis Harbor Lighthouse

Boats are everywhere in the Harbor

Everywhere you look when peering out at the Hyannis harbor everyone is ready to be on the water. Whether you are going Sailing, Taking a Cruise to Nantucket or wading in the water on the Duckmobile. Why not enjoy everything you can when visiting Cape Cod. There are two ways to get over to the islands. By Plane or by Boat. Hyannis Harbor is one of the locations on the Cape where you can catch one of those boats. Hyannis Hy-line or the Steamship Authority. The other location would be in Woods Hole, Ma (which I also did a blog on). There are also a few beach locations that you can lay, enjoy the sun and just let the day melt away. Main St. Hyannis is only a few blocks away so take a stroll! Along the way you will find artisan huts where local artists showcase their work, eye catching statues, Maritime Museum, JFK Memorial and different historical facts. Once you get to main street enjoy all the nautical themed stores and restaurants and don’t forget to try the seafood. We have the best in the world! So whether you are coming for vacation, family events or business, take time and enjoy the location where you are at! While you are here grab yourself a souvenir! Enjoy the Cape it’s a beautiful Place! Happy Traveling!