Cape Cod Lighthouse
The Original Light
Original Location
A Little Lighthouse Yoga
A Beautiful View

Highland Light

Visiting Cape Cod you will find out there are may Lighthouses throughout the Cape….16 to be exact! One day I will make my way to All locations…funny considering I have lived here for over 20 years. Cape Cod Lighthouse also know as Highland Light is located in Truro, Ma. The National Guard maintains it and the Cape Cod National Seashore are the owners. The lighthouse helps all the mariners steer clear the the shores and shallow sandbars. Sitting about 120ft. above the water and the light shines over 174ft above sea level. It was originally constructed in 1797. It has been rebuilt a few times over the years. The current one that sit was built in 1857. Through the storms, hurricanes and erosion the location was moved in 1996. The is a rock that marks the old location. The lighthouse is currently still in use. It is a popular site for tourists and the views are spectacular. For all you golfers there is a golf course that sits next to it and it looks like you would have a day of peacefulness golfing! So go lighthouse hunting and see all of them! Happy Traveling!