Philadelphia, PA

The Love Sign

Sometimes it’s great to just get away and take a local trip far but not far. We decided to go to Philadelphia for a four day trip. It was with some friends and we were trying to go somewhere we have not been before. Not often I hear people say they are going on a vacation to Philadelphia. Surprisingly it was a great trip.

We rented a Air BNB which was great! We had a pool and lounge area on the top floor of our apartment building. It was located right in the heart of town so even though we rented a car to get from Massachusetts to Philadelphia we did walk a lot while we were there since some of the places were close to us.

There is so much to do and so much to learn. This city is so full of history that it is intriguing. I love anything about history! Take a walk anywhere in this city and you will run into something that sparks your interest. Wether it’s where Ben Franklin flew his kite during the lighting storm, the steps where Rocky was filmed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, giant size game pieces in the middle of the city or the Waterfront with the Naval Ships.

Ben Franklin’s Grave
Site where Be Franklin Flew his Kite
Waterfront Naval Ships
Monopoly’s Top Hat
Bingo Chips
Sorry Game Piece

We tried to explore everything we could in the small time we had but there is no way to see all that it has to offer you. There are so many war memorials it just melts your heart and grateful to all that gave their lives to serve and protect our country.

Flags always at half staff
For All that Served
The Irish Memorial
War Memorial
Final Farewell

Throughout looking around it is always nice to see things that we are familiar with. Reading my blogs you will notice I have now have a couple of Whale Tails and a few different giant Adirondack chairs from locations where I find them. So keep reading my blogs and you never know you might keep seeing them.

The Biggest Chair So Far!!!!
Philly’s Whale Tail

To know that you are walking where presidents and ancestors have walked it puts a sense of gratitude in your spirit! History has been made here and we were able to soak it all in! So while visiting Philly Take a tour around the whole city! See the Liberty Bell, All the Naval Ships, War Memorials, All the Beautiful Art and even the Largest Clothes Pin!

Liberty Bell
Philly Waterfront
Old Tall Ship
Stand Tall
All Aboard!
Largest Hair Pick
Largest Clothes Pin

I always say “When you can’t travel exotic, travel Local” Philadelphia might not be on everyone’s wish list for a travel destination but it sure does fulfill what you are looking for on a vacations. There is so much to see and so many things to do. So while in Philly try a cheesesteak and keep the Brotherly Love alive! Happy Traveling!

When you can’t travel Exotic….Travel Local!!

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