A Little Closer to Heaven


It is always my goal to experience all the culture of the world. This is by far one of the amazing sights I have ever seen! If you are not a religious person, this experience will make you feel closer to the higher power! As you get close to Sagrada Familia…The presence of it just overwhelms you.

What Beautiful Details!

Gaudi dedicated his life to build this dream of his. He died before he got to see his creation. Only a quarter of the building was complete. It is not suppose to be finished until 2026.

Mesmerizing Structure

The details are so artistic and precise. It is so mind boggling to think all this could be built without all the machines and computers that we have now.

Amazing Stain Glass

Once you enter the building the music and sunlight from the stained glass windows you swear that you are hearing the angels sing. Walking around seeing all the relics and artwork takes your breath away!

Small Version
Prayer Stool

Whenever you are in Barcelona…Do Not miss you chance to say that you have been there and it brought you a little closer to heaven. I will never forget my time there and will always share my memories! So get out the and travel and see the world before life is taken from you!

Happy Traveling!!!

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