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The Entrance

This is what the Grand Canyon is All About!

While we were staying in Las Vegas over New years we decided to take a trip out the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The drive alone from Las Vegas to the Location is Jaw Dropping. Once you get out there they shuttle you to different locations by bus. At each location there is stuff to see and things to eat. The way that they present everything is spectacular! You do have to wait in line which the day we went if was about 1-2 hours. Along the line while we waited they had performances, structures and historical things to learn about. Once you do get on the skywalk the view is just amazing. The Eagle in the canyon is just beautiful and mind boggling to know how it was created. Take advantage at the photographers they take great pics and they are not that expensive. On they way out grab a souvenir at the gift shop and go to all the locations by shuttle because the whole place is a experience. Just be careful where you step because it can get dangerous close to the edge!!!!! Happy Traveling!

I give this 5 Stars!!!!

On the Catamaran to Saona Island

What a Amazing Tour!!!!

We had such a fun time on this tour. The bright turquoise waters you get to see, historical sights and breathtaking scenery at Saona Island. I always book my tours in advanced so you never know what to expect when you get there. This was a tour I would definitely do again. The tour guides keep you entertained the whole way out there. It is a long day but like everyone else says worth every penny. The memories that you take away from it is something money can’t buy! A Little tip…There is a photographer on the tour with you….You don’t have to but the photos but our took pics all day and the photos came out awesome!!!! Happy Traveling!

I give this 5 Stars and Staff was very nice!

Starting of Cave Tour

So fun!

We did a cave tour in the jungle of Puerto Rico. This was so much thrill, excitement and beautiful. We drove ourselves out to the location point that was a 2 hr drive from our resort. We got to see the countryside of the island. When we arrived we started off going through a lot of different size caves. There were spiders, bats and scorpions all around but they didn’t bother us. Throughout the tour we zip lined, repelled and jumped off cliffs. It felt a little bit like boot camp but was so fun and I would definitely do it all over again! Get out and tour where ever you go! Happy traveling!

I will give this 5 Stars…But be Prepared for it!

Ready for the dust!

Great Adventure!!! Beautiful Views

Our trip with Canopy Rivers was Excellent! We had a mazing day with our RZR Tour of Jorullo Bridge. Along the way we stopped at a beautiful waterfall and had time to swim and jump! The crossing of Jorullo bridge was Trilling, Amazing and a experience I will never forget! If you do go I recommend the RZR instead of ATV its a more relaxing trip!  After the trip we got to walk up to the bridge and take great pictures! Definitely a trip to put on the list when traveling to Puerto Vallarta Mexico! Happy Travels!

I give this 5 Stars and get ready to get DIRTY!

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