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Tips and Advice on Traveling

On this page I will be sharing the tips I have learned over the traveling we did. Some of them I wish I had known about them before I started traveling. Hope they find you helpful in your journey! Happy Traveling!

Peaceful Ocean

Tip #1

Be prepared for your trip is the most important part about taking a vacation. Know where you are going and do your research! The more you know the more fun that you will have! Happy Traveling!

Margarita’s At Sunset

Tip #2

Explore everything your location has to offer. Learn the culture, Taste the different foods and Take it all in! Happy Traveling!

Altos De Chavon

Tip #3

Make sure you do tours! Doing tours allows you to go places and see what your location has to offer. They also come with a tour guide to learn more about where you are going. Happy Traveling!

Tip #4

Alway keep your passport locked in the safe in your hotel room or somewhere it is going to be safe.  You don’t want to be out and it get stolen from you.  Then you have to go to the embassy.  Keep the second passport picture with you because if you do lose passport they charge you a lot for the picture in other countries!  Happy Traveling!

Tip #5

I book my tours in advanced before we go….That way I know what I’m doing.  Usually you can cancel 24hrs beforehand if weather gets bad and you can get some kind of refund.  Or if by chance you have some complaint about the tour you might be able to get a refund.  You can buy tours when go there or maybe do a timeshare tour to get a activity.  Anyway you go get out there and take one!  Happy Traveling!

Tip #6

If you live your life on a budget like most of us do…like I do, I book my trip in stages and give yourself at least 6 months to budget if working with a bigger family like me!  I do each stage about 2 months apart from each other to be able to save up for the next stage.

Stage #1 Book resort and Location

Stage #2 Book Airline Tickets

Stage #3 Book Tours

Stage #4 Save Spending Money

Stage #5 Enjoy your Vacation

If you do it this way it doesn’t hurt your pocket all at once.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #7

Print out all Tickets and Confirmations for all tours, rentals and airline tickets.  That way if there is any questions about your reservations you have your print outs.  Sometimes reservations get lost and I found that out personally but if I hadn’t had my confirmation we probably would not of been able to go on our tour.  I did though and we were able to go!  We even got a upgrade for free for the troubles.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #8

Stay Organized!  I keep a folder that has all my confirmations and tickets in them so I know where everything is.  I also keep a day to day schedule to know what we do everyday!  Sometimes you either get so relaxed or just lost of time that you may forget what you scheduled to do.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #9

Always get to the airport On-Time.  When I say On-Time they usually they like you at the airport:

2hrs. ahead of time for International

1hr.  ahead of time for Domestic

Don’t take the chance of being late because they will not hold the plane for you.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #10

If you are traveling International, Put the Mobile Passport App on your phone when traveling.  This helps you get through customs a lot faster if it is really busy.  They usually have their own separate line for Mobile Passport Users.  This actually helped us so much it made us catch our flight if not we would of missed it. Happy Traveling!

Tip #11

If you are staying at a resort and you want to hang out at the pool for the day, make sure you put your towels on the chairs you want to be in for the day on them in the morning.  This way the pool does get really busy when the hot sun comes out and there have been many times that there were no chairs left by the time you get there after breakfast or lunch.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #12

Don’t be afraid to get out and explore on your own.  There are so many local stores, flea markets and vendors out.  They are not there to hurt you they just want you to spend some money.  Every single time we have traveled we love to get out and go shopping at local vendors.  There are some many unique things you can find.  Happy Traveling!

Tip #13

Always buy your foreign currency before you leave. Usually you get it from the bank you bank with for a lot cheaper than you would get it at the airport or the country you are going to. They charge up on the prices. You can pay double if not triple the price you will at home. Happy Traveling!

Tip #14

When shopping around the local flea markets, if you have the local currency barter with the vendor. You can get a better deal with their currency. I always start low and work our way into a comfortable price. Happy Shopping!

Tip #15

I always bring a couple extra towels with in my suitcase. You can always use a couple extra towels if the resort only gives you one beach towel. An extra tip is they work great for those breakable Souvenirs you will pick up bartering at the flea markets! Happy Shopping!

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